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February 24, 2006




I wrote right after Bailey left you. I am feeling so empty right now as my baby is really failing. She has heart failure and I am going to take her to the vet today. I pray I bring her home, at least for one more week. In any event, I just want to share that I hope you are doing better. I hope that not only for yourself, but my very selfish reason that I hope when my girl goes I can get over it. Please tell me it does get better!

Jonnette Cool

Stacie - I have started to write a hundred times in the past week. There are no words but please know you are not alone. Last Saturday I thought I was going to lose my 12 yr old Aussie, Beau. I was checking your blog because Bailey was sick before Beau and when I saw your update my heart actually physically hurt. Beau is doing better, but every heartbeat is a blessing even more now than before. Take care.

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