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February 20, 2006



I just now saw that your Bailey is gone. I'm so so sorry for your loss. I so understand how difficult this must be. I, too, have not been able to have children, but I have my Reggie-dog and Bear who are my boys. Reggie is nearing 14, and I just dread the day I will have to say good-bye. I'll be thinking of you! All the best <3


I stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago. I enjoy reading it. I have been very concerned about your Bailey. I was away last weekend and just checked in. Don't worry about those people who don't understand how a pet can be so much a part of your life - there are so many more of us who do understand.



I just happened upon your blog this morning and read about your terrible loss. I couldn't even bring myself to scroll down to read the rest of the story of how your sweet Miss Boo became ill. I can imagine how much your heart is breaking and I am sending out love, prayers, and compassionate thoughts to you right now as I write this. We have 2 dogs whom I simply adore. You are right about the unconditional love that they can provide. And, I know what you mean about grief that hurts so badly it is indescribable. I have been there too. I hope it gives you even a small bit of consolation to know that you are not alone. You are surrounded by a community of friends (and strangers, like me) who are with you in spirit to help pull you through. I'll keep you in my prayers.


PS... I temporarily replaced my wallpaper background of your "EXPRESS your Inner Clown" with your photo of Miss Boo wearing the tiara that you made. SWEET!!! JOS


Stac, You deserve every ounce of love and respect that ALL of these people have been sending you, friend and stranger alike. It is truly amazing just how MANY people you have touched with your art, photos and kind words. You are an ANGEL, as was Miss Boo. You will see her again someday. Lots of LOVE. xoxox JOS


As a mother of two 13 year old dogs my heart goes out to you. I will be thinking of you and hope your pain goes away. They always stay with you in your soul and watch over you until you meet them in heaven. Take care & big hugs!!

Best Wishes,


Thinking of you and feeling so sad for you dear!!! I hope that your heart will slowly stop aching. it will take time so hang in there and know that your friends all think of you and are here for you!!! I am so sorry!! You are so special and you will some how make it thru and so I am sending you and your hubby a big hug so take care of each other!!! love you Linda




I read your blog frequently but I'm not sure I ever commented. (And I hate the word "lurker". lol!)

Anyway, I am so, so sorry to hear about Bailey! I know what a hole it can leave. We lost our cat, Remy, last Nov. 1, very suddenly, during a relatively minor surgery. My kids are still crying! I had never experienced this before, and had always thought, "It's just a cat" or "It's just a dog"...but now I truly know that they aren't just pets. Losing Remy was just like losing a family member. I remember the heartache...

And I know there is really nothing I can say or do but say I really am truly sorry!!!




Hey sweetie, you get what you give. You give out alot of sweetness and light and it comes right on back to you. No, we have never met (yet! Only 38 more days!!) but I adore you, I respect you and I care about you. You bless my life just by virtue of being you. You are special and loved. xo

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