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February 26, 2006




Bailey is smiling on you. That's what I always say about one of my departed doggies when I have a really good "friendship" day ("Hashi" is smiling on me.)
I will be anxious to see what you picked up from Diane Culhane. I wanted to take from her at Artfest & was in her class before I had to drop out.
So nice to have Tracy there with you! You should be happy when you can. And talking with someone else who has lost a sweet golden probably helped both of you.
Hugs til later!



I'm SO happy to hear you were able to spend some time w/a good friend just hanging & having fun. I hope you feel no shame in that because you deserve it, we all need that every once in a while esp. when one is as creative as you are!


Thank God for Sweet friends!!! is what I always say!! I said a prayer for Bailey in church and it made me smile inside and out! Dogs are sooooo SWEET! I'm GLAD you had a special time! Wish I was going to ArtFest!!! Have FUN!!!


Stacie I am so glad Tracy was able to come be with you. I think our friends reflect the light back to us when our own souls are smudged with grief. I am *so* looking forward to seeing you at Artfest and knowing I will be with such kindred spirits.

Bailey will always be remembered, simply because she is Bailey's Bliss. XO and don't feel guilty for allowing yourself a good day.

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