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February 27, 2006


Judy Wise

I have cried more over Bailey than over anything in a long time. There is just something about a friend like Bailey that gets ahold of your heart and does not let go.

I am glad Tracy has come to visit. Bless her; she was good and generous.

another stranger who wishes you well


Ooh look at happy boy Scout. What a lovely day. I am glad you took him. Did you make that cool rock mandala thing? I hope you are feeling a bit better Stacie. Hugs


I am So glad for you that you were able to find some peace at the beach with your friends, Scout and Tracy. I hope Jeff is healing as well as you seem to be. Love you guys! JOS


You and Scout BOTH deserve to have happy days GUILT FREE! That is excatly what Baily would want, for you both to be happy!

Those photos are wonderful, I love them!



I especially love the pic of Scout "smiling" for the camera. Glad you Tracy, & Scout had some healing time by the sea.

Much love-


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