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February 19, 2006


Deryn Mentock

I'm so sorry about your puppy. They're just like members of the family and it's so hard to lose them. You and Celine are both in my prayers.


stacie, i know you are very sad to have lost your dog, i am very sorry and i know it can hurt. i can't believe that you would mention your DOG'S death in a post about a twenty year old GIRL'S death. there is no comparison and it's awful to make it sound like you have gone through something just as bad. as bad as losing a pet is ***and no matter how close*** it's nothing compared to losing your sister or a child at 20 years old. it is an insult and slap at that poor young girl who lost her life.

Donna Cartagena

Stacie-I am so sorry for your loss. I cried as I read your previous post - I have read your blog and enjoyed your art for quite some time , and being an animal lover I enjoyed all the postings about Bailey and Scout. Animals are children to those who love them and care for them. We have 3 chihuahuas and they are our kids in addition to the human one we have:) Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers as is Bailey.

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