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February 19, 2006


Lain (Knit and Purl Grrl)

Amazing she can post that and then try to hide behind anonymity... obviously she realized at some level that what she was saying was downright rotten.
So sorry about Bailey. My prayers are with you.

Sue Pieper

It's all been said before, but I am so sorry that you felt the need to defend yourself. What you're going through is hard enough.
I've lost both-a sister and my dogs. I've never even thought of comparing one loss to another because pain is pain, you grieve for both.
Like Carla said, we've got your back, so don't even worry about this.
One more thing, I had sent a PM on the MMCA group to you-no need to reply to it, but wanted to make sure you got it at some point.


Some people just make me sooo mad. A loss is a loss. It doesnt make it an easier if its a child, dog, mother, father, brother, sister, or whoever.

I have two children and my dog IS my baby.

Im sorry you lost your dog. I lost a dog before I got this one and its a terrible thing. Pets are part of our families and some people just dont understand that.


I am so sorry that someone is that awful to post something like that! It really upsets me! I feel so much for you and Celine, you are both amazing people and it hurts me thinking about the sorrow you are both feeling!



Doesn't it just AMAZE you that the people who leave comments like that don't have the GUTS to leave their real name & email address? (Whoever you are, you coward, - CRAM IT!) I am just appalled that someone (who obviously has not clue what the love of a pet means) would be so insensitive! Don't let her (or should I say "the witch" get to you. You know, and I know, that no one can take from you the love you will always hold for Bailey Boo. I am sorry you even felt the need to explain yourself. You shouldn't have to. Your loss is as valid as that of anyone who has lost a loved one. I know. The members of our canine family that are no longer with US will never be forgotten. They were as much a part of our family as WE were. Treasure you beloved Boo, and don't let ANYONE take that away from you!


Sweet Stacie, How RUDe of that person to say such things to such a wonderful, caring, talented, loving, generous person as your self!!! Shame on her! And what a CREEP to not even have the balls to leave a valid e-mail address!! Someone in a previous response said that karma will get that person. I TOTALLY agree. You reap what you sew. You sew goodness and love to all living things. Goodness and love shall return to you. Her poison will reap poison on her!
I want to say again, how sorry I am for the loss of your Bailey-girl. Poor Scouty must be SO lost too. I went home the night I found out and CRIED and talked to Rocky & Holly and hugged them and told them how much I love them. I know the day is not far away when Rocky will cross the Rainbow Bridge. (He was 11 in Dec.) Oh how I DO NOT look forward to that! I remember how terrible I felt when I had to have my buddy Willie put down. I had to go down to the river and howl and cry for him so Jamie & Zak wouldn't see their Mom in such distress. I still miss him & that was over 13 yrs ago. He was MY 1st baby, like Miss Bailey was yours. My LOVE and heartfelt sympathy to you, Jeff & Scout. My prayers go out to you and your family for your Mom & aunt also. If you ever need to talk about Bailey or your family, plz do not hesitate to call. I love ya kid! xoxoxox JOS

Rita B

Oh Stacie... I'm so sorry. I hadn't checked this in a couple of days and after emailing you just now, I thought I'd check your blog to see if you had posted any updates on how Bailey was doing. I am so very very sorry to hear that she is gone. Words cannot help right now, I know... But I am sending my thoughts to you, Jeff, Scout.... much much love and sincerest sympathy to all of you. A piece of your heart is with Bailey always. Try to remember that fate brought you together for a wonderful period of time and that you had the honor of getting to know each other with the kind of love that only animal lovers know. Bailey had the best mom she could ever have wanted. She had a great doggy life.

Re: Melissa- she is ignorant and unbelievably rude to have posted such idiotic comments. No one can compare losses and pain, be it a dog, a sister or anyone else. It is childish to try. This is about trying to find some healing for both Celine and yourself.

My heart is yours.
Rita B

Brandi Powell

Who is this Melissa, let me at her. I am pist as hell. Who does she think she is. What right does she have. Oh, I am pist.

Stacie, you ignore that post. She is a just a terrible person. You can not put a limit on love or pain. How rude of her to even post here.

I am so sorry you had to endure this on top of your already painful loss. Keep your chin up darlin, we are all here for you.

Let me at her.



Well,Stacie....That may have been one of your best posts! Keep your head up girl and don't let such CRAP get you down. Obviously, some people have no idea what Bailey meant, no, MEANS to you. You said it all though. Hope all of you are doing okay. Scout HAS to know that something is not right, how are things on that front?

Donna Cartagena

I cannot believe the message this "melissa" left you-at a time like this it is not what you needed to read! You did not deserve that and believe me when I say you are not alone when you call Bailey and Scout your children! If "melissa" can't understand what you are feeling then she should not have posted anything. Just know that your online family cares for you !!!

Donna Cartagena



Oh my, I was just checking your blog and was shocked to see that you lost your doggie. I was double shocked that you had to endure this type of "assault" online. It brought tears to my eyes as I know what a sweet soul you have from prior postings, your art, and your email in the past. I know that your dog was SUCH a HUGE part of your life. I was so sad as sometimes people find the least deserving people on the planet to hurt. This woman is obviously hurting and I am just sorry she took it out on an innocent person. You are in my thoughts and prayers for your loss. ~Lia

juanita lloyd

I wanted to share a poem written by my sweet friend Stacie and shared with so many others at times like this. So I hope its as much of an encouragement to her right now as it has been to all of those she has shared it with.

Unconditional Love,
you cannot describe.
Pure innocence at its best
and so much alive.

Our furry companions,
we owe so much to.
The welcome home
the cures when you're

The feeling of worth,
when your down and out.
The constant kisses,
and the wet nosed snout.

They give so much more,
than we could ever return.
From their short little lives,
there's so much we can learn.

They're not only our pets,
they hold a peice
of our heart.
Life seems so unfair,
when we have to part.

They remain in our soul,
their earthly bodies
are gone.
But that unconditional
and all the memories
live on.......

Written by : Stacie Rife

Margo Ward

Stacie, I'm so sorry to hear about Bailey. I have lost a sister so I understand the pain you are going thru. Hang in there & know that God will be with you & help you thru this.

Bernie Berlin

I hope you know that there are those of us that understand your loss and while it's not a human life it is a life and should not be taken lightly.
A life of unconditional Love which is more than I can say about some people. Moving to the south I have learned that people just look at the animals as just that. We know better:) God made all creatures and should be honored as such. Our poor Celine, I can't imagine her pain and wish I could just reach out and squeeze both of you.
Please be strong and know you are Loved and admired by many... Honor yourself and Bailey by move past the unkindnesses of others. Acknowledge the pain and don't let it cripple you.. You are an Amazing person, artist and animal lover!!


I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. Please feel sorry for the person who wrote this to you because she obviously doesn't know that love you feel for your baby girl. Remember that phrase "All Dogs Go To Heaven". I believe that from the bottom of my toes and you should have great comfort in knowing that Bailey is in heaven and maybe this young lady who also passed will frolic together in the beautiful kingdom of God. My blessings and love to you and your husband!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Forgive this girl, not only for her but for YOU!!!I am soooo sorry for you! I am now highly allergic to all animals but back in the day I wasn't and I still cry for my sweet black Irish Setter Lucy Loose who was my best friend and understood me completely!! That was 30 years ago! I know the pain you are going thru and I will say prayers for you!, your husband and Bailey, and Scout.


I am new to your blog, but I have to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Love is love whether it comes with two legs or four. My dog child is only a year old and I can cry right now if I think of how I will one day lose him.
The statement you made was loving and kind and it makes me ache that someone felt the need to respond to you in such a way.



I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I fear the day that my first baby (my 14 year old lab/boxer) has to go to the doggie playground without me. I posted on Celine's blog the day Barbara died, I feel for her, I feel for you as well. It is not possible for me to judge what depths that anyone who loses a loved one goes through, I only have my own losses to live...

Anyway, don't let the bastards get you down and I have just bookmarked your site. I will be back.


Oh Stacie, I am so sorry you have to deal with insensitive chicken sh__ jerks like this on top of dealing with your loss. So many of us know the true loss of a pet, a family member. Know that she is just one amongst so many that understand and care and send their love to you and your hubby.


Dear Stacie,
I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss of Bailey. My heart hurts with you my sweet friend. I so understand not being able to have "human" children, not by choice, and my two doggies have filled that void. Only those who know..know. Forgive this girl for writing such heartless comments...for she does not know love. If she did, she would never even write or feel such things.

Stacie, truly I am so very sorry. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


sweetheart, I've never been more proud of you. Like I said when we spoke on the phone, we should thank this woman...instead of tears and sorrow, she's gotten us both so pissed that we want to strangle something....in a way, it's a nice break from the tears. I love you. oxox


All of us that have ever been owned by a dog know exactly how sad you are. I hope you find comfort in knowing what a great life you provided for Bailey and I want you to remember that all dogs go to heaven....How could it be heaven without them?

barbara karr

Dear Stacie...I was so sorry to read of Bailey's passing...please accept my deepest sympathies for you and Jeff and Scout...I am sorry also that you must receive such a horrid message...I lost my dad to cancer at age 65 and I've lost a precious, beautiful dog...I can't say that the pain I felt at those losses was much different and I still think about and miss both my dad and Penny...I have already sent my condolences to Celine and I'm sure she understands the sorrow you are feeling now...Love is Love...Barbara Karr


OH and one more thing-I am a firm believer in karma. What you put forth into the world comes back to you tenfold. This person is setting herself up for some very bad karma, to be sure!


OH and one more thing-I am a firm believer in karma. What you put forth into the world comes back to you tenfold. This person is setting herself up for some very bad karma, to be sure!


Just to add my 2c here, I am SMOKIN' MAD at this person. To be cowardly enough to attack you on your own blog without having the guts to leave an email addy! The Nerve!

And then to kick you when you are down! It's is insensitive and mean. Stacie, this woman is NOT your friend if she for one moment thinks you were being insensitive with your comments. SHAME ON HER!!

Is this woman had an sense at all, she would know that everyone's emotional thermostat is set differently and something that causes you deep pain might only score as a mere blip on someone's else's radar and vice versa. It's not for her to judge.

Don't worry about defending yourself-you know your true friends know exactly what you meant.

Hugs honey and so sorry this nasty, self-centered person saw fit to spread her poison. Fie on her! Fie I say!!


Dear sweet Stacie, bless your heart, as if you aren't going through enough you have to defend yourself. Really tho' there is no need. Those that care about you and Celine understand. We shouldn't jump on that person that made the comment but rather feel sorry that she doesn't understand.You both lost someone you dearly loved and are suffering a pain like no other. It must seem unbearable. I am SO sorry you have to endure this and truly do understand the ache. Please, know our sympathy and thoughts are with you, your hub and Scout.


Melissa obviously has no soul, no compassion, no heart...the poor woman will never understand the human/canine bond or experience the sheer joy that is DOG!!!


I am so horribly offended by what that person said. Your dog was your child. People that have pets as "pets" and not as part of the family can't understand. Hugs to you.


I am so horribly offended by what that person said. Your dog was your child. People that have pets as "pets" and not as part of the family can't understand. Hugs to you.


Good grief. I'm rolling my eyes as far into my head as they'll go.

Some people just gotta make something out of everything huh honey? Don't let it get you down, mr or miz 'nomail' obviously doesn't know you or he/she would have never made such a crude comment.

who has your back ;)

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