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February 23, 2006



I was doing ok until you talked about Scout barking when you took Bailey into the vet's office...then I started crying.

(I'm the one who left you the message about our cat, Remy, dying last Nov. 1.)

Apparently, Remy had been vomiting little bits of blood during the night while we were asleep. Of course, as soon as I saw it in the morning I called the vet and they wanted me to bring her right in. Remy's sister, Frida, stayed with her the whole time we were home that morning, not leaving her side for a moment! When I put Remy in the carrier, Frida stayed right there, looking at Remy and touching noses with her.... Remy had a blockage in her intestine and the vet was going to do surgery to remove it...fairly routine, no big deal. However, Remy had a heart problem that we, nor the vet knew about...and we really couldn't have known. But her heart couldn't handle the anesthesia, and she died that morning in surgery. They were actually doing "CPR" on Remy while the vet called me to let me know what was going on and asking if it was ok to let her go.

UH! Not that you really need to hear all of this, especially right now, but, the point of my story...thinking back that afternoon, I knew that Frida had known that she would not see Remy again. I really think animals do know these things.

Give Scout a big hug for me, will you? And take care of yourselves!


It's amazing how we all think we take care of our dogs, when in truth, they are the ones taking care of us. May the memory of Bailey be the light that wakes you each morning and what warms you each night.


....A bark I had never heard before... he must of known and he must of been saying goodbye.....

Ohhh Scout -- Dogs know these things..... Poor baby. Stacie -- I am thinking of you xoxoxoxoxo


I have tears in my eyes while writing this - I bet you are right, that Scout knew and was saying goodbye. Give him a hug from me and my pup!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

I'm so deep touched by your loss ! I'm so so sad for you and I can't resist to have tears in my eyes ! I know so well what you feel ! I wanted to send you all my enormous hugs to you and also for Scout ! Smooches from Belgium !

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