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January 18, 2006



I think lots of peopel find this happens Stacie. We are bombarded with so much mental junk every day. Advertisers urging us to be, do and have MORE. More is not necessarily better-alot of times, it's just MORE. And having MORE means more work, more distractions, more disappointments, more juggling.

Having MORE can mean also having LESS. LESS time to focus on what really matters, LESS family time, LESS time to be still and listen to the quiet murmerings of our hearts.

Sometimes LESS is more. LESS can allow us the space we need to find out what our life's purpose is. When you can let go of the excess, you open up space for new possiblities and opportunities to come in.

I wish you LESS and MORE in the right context so you can find your carrot.

*oh and isn't it interesting that carrots improve your VISION?

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