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January 07, 2006



My mom took a tap class as an adult and LOVED it! :) Have fun!


Congratulations! This is great...I FIRMLY believe in doing what makes you happy even if others question your sanity. I took my first Ballet Class at the age of 40-something and let me tell you it wasn't pretty...but it was fun :-)
Great blog BTW.


Oh how funny!! I bet it would have been a blast!! but hey at least you can still work on driving your hubby crazy!! Now there's an idea!!!!

Brandi Powell

Stacie, you are so cute! And brave! I would scare my husband to death if I was stompin around here! Brandi


hey mama, update your blog link for me---i've moved:)

and your hubby will go `razy if you keep tappin! maybe you can put them on when he doesn't do his chores:)

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