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December 17, 2005



There is a saying, "We all sit in a circle and suppose - while the secret sits in the circle and knows." I have a feeling that the answer, if there is one, is outside of yourself. In other words, it is an answer that is not one that you would ever guess without some seriously deep introspection. If there is really an "answer" at all!

What makes you think you are lacking? You know, I have gone through periods of thinking that I am lacking in this area or that area, when in fact, I was not "lacking" at all. I am what I am. I only thought I was "lacking" when comparing myself to others - or - trying to understand the actions of others. I have fallen into the trap of believing that X must be better than than me because X can do THIS. Yet, I realize that I can do so many other things that X cannot and, in the end, it's just a matter of we all have strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to trying to figure out the actions and/or thoughts of others and find a reason that has to do with ME, I find that's usually a mistake. We are who we are. people either accept us as we are - or they do not. That's not saying there is not room for all of us to improve, but basically, we are who we are and major personality traits "change" only temporarily.

Am I rambling here? Yes, I am. Sorry for the long comment to a rather, err, enigmatic post. I may be off on the wrong track anyway. So, I'll stop and just wish you a great weekend!

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