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July 19, 2005



Hey Stac I just read there is a high mosquito count back there. If you go out be sure to wear repellent. Love you


I agree with you Stacie-the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. (Especially the Canadian part! Hee! Hee!) Seriously though, there is nothing like the west coast. I can't see Mt. Rainier, but I see Mt. St. Helen's and it's gorgeous.

When I used to go to Missouri there were those tornado signs all over and instructions in every building. It was kind of freaky and I am glad I never had to use them!

Anything good at Hobby Lobby? We don't have them here-just Micheal's which is incredibly expensive.


A reminder to stacie's hubby..don't forget your eye appt.


Stacie, I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and have found it fascinating. You are extremely creative. Great work! I actually found you through your references to the journal you kept on your trip to California. I have kept journals all of my life and love to see creative types come up with unique and artistic journaling. I am impressed!

Your collages are incredible, btw. You really are quite a talent! I had a girlfriend who did something similar, but nothing close to your work - it's truly superb work.

As for Hobby Lobby, we have them here. In fact, they are based here in my city. Here is their store location map:
They are growing very fast and are planning on moving into your area soon.

I'm glad I stumbled into your blog and I have bookmarked it to check back often. I love your conversational style of writing.

All the best,


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