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May 16, 2005


natalie hansen

Hi again! Well you already know how I feel about SFO. Next time you should go to the exploratorium...It's near the Palace of fine arts, all kind of science, hands on stuff...Fun!!! I love Alcatraz too, and had never been there until a couple of years ago! Don't get me started on Disneyland!!(or Disney World, or Disney Cruise) At work, I am know as the Disney Queen! I work at a travel agency though, so I guess it is somewhat appropriate. Tower of Terror is my all time favorite! My girl friend and I took our kids in Oct. (the husbands said they have had enough of the happiest place on earth) We went on it about 7 or 8 times in the 3 days we were there. But our teen boys were on a mission... they went on it 12 times in a row!!!! Plus the other times during the visit. My husband and I were up your way a few weeks ago. We did a cruise on the Columbia river. It was so beautiful there....learned a LOT about Lewis and Clark, which was interesting. We were the youngest on the boat (42) Everyone else was about 85!! But those folks were having a great time! And they were interesting to talk to too! Glad you had such a great time on YOUR trip! Natalie

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