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April 11, 2005



See Jane Run, I LOVE your page. I so wish I could do mine over. I hate the page I did. Too busy. Yours is too cool. xoxo Norma


Girl I am the same age and feel the same way. I cried on thursday night because all I wanted to do was hang out with a GIRL and have some drinks and be silly.

I don't live that far from you and considering meeting you at AF a big blessing...keep your chin up. If you need artgirl cheering up, always feel free to call...with my arm/nerve pain issues, I can't work or do much of anything so I"m just wandering around the house feeling sorry for myself.

By the way, Bailey's tiara is beautiful.


Maybe your'e feelong inadequate BUT YOUR'E NOT! Sorry to hear your'e feeling low. Probably a lot of it is your cold and new job. Hang in, we all feel like this sometimes. Call me when you feel like it.
Love you.


sending a big hug and lots of strength(((((Stacie)))))) these feelings will pass honey. I returned from Artfest completely depressed (and sick)... feeling better and more like myself now though.

Wish I was closer..I'd jump at the chance to hang out with you!!


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