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November 19, 2004


Mom #2

Ok my sweet friend ,,I had to respond to this one. My thoughts are that your "talent" which is so amazing, so much greater that you see it as, so loving and creative ,in my opinion comes from your "HEART". :) Big Heart, & Gentle Spirit comes through in all of the Art and Talent that you share with others. It's ok for you to recognize it and enjoy it for yourself too. Much love, Juanita :)


You CAN draw. You always put cute little figures on your cards etc. and even when they are simple they have so much expression to them, that is talent. When you were in highschool you used to draw a lot more complex pictures and they were good.I don't see you drawing like that now a days, because you do other talented things. Anyway you are better than you think.
P.S. It isn't in the genes (trust me I know)

Jeanette Janson

Hi Stacie-
I have a feeling that you have not committed yourself to finding your own style when it comes to drawing. Just because you can't draw like a comic book illustrator doesn't mean you can't draw. Their stuff all looks the same anyway. You are a wonderful artist. I have seen some collage work that just doesn't work and I always know right away in my gut that that person just doesn't have it. Your collage work always has good composition, color scheme and a unique message. Not everyone can do that! It takes a talented person to pull it off.
I am sure if you committed yourself to drawing, you would develop a very exciting style of your own! Jeanette

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