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I knew a cat also named Pitchounet and he too had suffering much during his life. I've been with him since he was a few months old. He wasn't healthy at all and I was 7 years old. Though the vet didn't expect him to live much longer, he recovered as much as his bad condition allowed. The relapses were inevitable, but he always hung on for dear life and went through them. He left us today after 17 years. Tough years, but the happiest we could have given him - or maybe i just like to think so.
I ended up here now just googlizing "Pitchounet", honestly I didn't know what I expected to find.
Moreover, I now find myself commenting an old topic that no one will probably ever read. I guess I just needed to tell it somewhere - Done.
Well, I'm glad his struggle is over but -Oh boy, what a gap there's gonna be from now on


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