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One-Line Bio


My name is Stacie. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Jeff and my Golden Retriever Scout. (MY dear Bailey passed away on Feb 16th, 2006)

I am a "wanna be" mixed media collage artist, struggling to find herself in this thing called life.

My "love language" is gift giving, so if you receive a gift (tiny or large) it means I really like you! :)

I suffer from anxiety, love asparagas, art books, watching my dogs sleep, and envy Jeff's eyebrows. (he has THE best eyebrows ever!)

I have lots of wonderful friends--some of whom I have known my entire life and some of whom I have recently became close to.

I have THE BEST MOM a person could ask for. She has been my strength over some pretty rough times in my life, and is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on or just a hug. She is an excellent listener, caring, compassionate, intelligent, supportive,and I could go on and on...

My Dad lives in California, but I speak to him often and see him often. He is a great source of knowledge for me. He is supportive, encouraging and upbeat. He tells me "do what you love, and the money will come" and this statement he truly lives. I totally admire him for this!

I struggle with life and lessons, just as everyone else..thus...I created this journal.

Take a glimpse inside,,
to see my creations
What I call Art
or some aproximation.

Read about my life
or any certain day.
Your welcome to leave a comment
I'd love to hear what you have to say!